SATO Horticulture Printers

SATO’s horticulture printers are top sellers in the industry and for great reason: durable and dependable and in service for some of the harshest environments and duty cycles applications, SATO provides a print solution that most leading horticulture suppliers and growers depend upon.

We offer everything you need to print with the highest quality results possible and offer complete, turnkey variable data printing systems, including printers, software, tags and labels. Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers are available for all substrates, including pressure-sensitive labels, for greatest versatility.

TECSX Series 5" Printer: Ideal for tags, labels & signs up to 5” wide. Standard with Parallel Port, Serial Port, Ribbon Save Mode & a FETHER head. USB $ Ethernet as option.
  TECSX Series
5-Inch Horticulture Thermal Printer
TXPSX Series 4" or 5" Printer: Ideal printer series for tags, labels & signs up to 24mil, from either 4" or 5” wide. Prints from 2 inch up to 10" laderstyle (sideways).    

TXPSX Series
Horticulture's Best Selling Printer
5-Inch Horticulture Thermal Printer


CLNX Series
Horticulture High-Performance Thermal Printer


CG4 Series
Horticulture Desktop Thermal Printer

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