The CLNX Series Label Printers will address the typical thermal printer issues you experience today by its many user friendly features and rugged design.

CLNX Series | High-Performance Thermal Printer

CL408NX | CL412NX | CL424NX | CL608NX | CL612NX.
SATO CLNX™ thermal printers are the perfect tag and label printing solution for Green Professionals. Nurseries, greenhouses and growers rely on the performance of SATO’s horticulture solutions as hard-working additions to their business strategy.

Extensive testing of the CLNX printers and SATO Slip-On® tags and a variety of SATO brand pot stakes revealed optimum results for on-demand printing of variable data. Available in either 4” or 6” print widths, the CLNX series prints accurately and reliably on a variety of SATO tags and labels. View our online, digital catalog for a complete selection including:

  • End-to-end Slip-On® tags come in 12 colors
  • 13 mil ZX (styrene) pot tags
  • Thermal pressure sensitive labels (floratherm- specifically for horticultural application)


To enhance your brand identity, click here to learn more about the unique features of the new CLNX printers from SATO.

Print Method: Direct/Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 203 or 305 or 609 203 or 305
Print Width: 4.1" 6.5"
Memory: 6 GB ROM, 320 MB RAM
Print Speed: (max.) up to 10 ips (203 dpi)
up to 8 ips (305 dpi)
up to 6 ips (609 dpi)
up to 10 ips (203 dpi)
up to 8 ips (305 dpi)

CLNX Series printer for Horticulture applications prints labels and tags.

CL4NX RFID Certification:
SATO CL4NX RFID Thermal Printer can print directly from their SAP applications without any middleware or additional programming.

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  • Compliance Labeling
  • WIP Tracking
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Asset Management
  • WMS
  • Logistic Tracking
  • Retailing Labeling and Tagging